Berlin, Germany

  Warsaw, Poland

  Boston, USA

Kiecana creates value for its partners and clients by providing capital, and research/business know-how in exchange for equity in their companies. This allows young enterprises to realize their full potential under the skillful guidance of business and product development experts from Kiecana Group.

Kiecana generally invests in Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals. We support our partners by giving them access to our own knowledge and experience as well as that of the world class experts we worked with in the past 25 years.

Kiecana targets companies where it sees a meaningful opportunity to enhance their value by helping them develop their ideas scientifically, and commercially. We provide access to the world�s best experts from global biotech and pharma companies, we optimize corporate structure, introducing excellence in governance and operational performance, wedefine clear corporate strategy including well-defined pathway to successful exit for investors.

Kiecana Capital Group is always fully committed to proper manage each, and every one of its investments.
|  2019