Berlin, Germany

  Warsaw, Poland

  Boston, USA

Long term investment requires experience and broad perspective to effectively navigate variable markets. In Kiecana Capital Group we are eager to provide our portfolio companies the ideal development environment. Our highly experience team of manager and technology experts provides the unique combination of knowledge, experience and vision. Prior to investing, we commit considerable amount of our time and resources to thoroughly evaluate and analyze prospective project/partner/client. All our investment decisions rely on meticulous due diligence process, including IP, financial, commercial and legal analysis.

Kiecana Capital Group via the unique network of its experts takes care about its investments by providing continuous support to our portfolio companies in their drug development efforts from early stages, through phase III clinical trials.

We focus on co-financing of early projects, by leveraging available public and private. Our experts help guide partners throw the processes of business plan, strategy development and market potential analysis. We help partners with preparation of grant applications to various local and global funding agencies and provide them with continuous support.

Kiecana Capital Group works constructively with management and boards of directors of its portfolio companies, aiming to increase their companies’ competitiveness and create value for their investors.
|  2019